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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Been A While #EverydayExpressions is Back

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So, that week I was going to be gone turned into almost 5 years. A lot has changed with me as I'm certain it has with everyone I used to connect with on a daily basis.

I lost the original blog address and posts - so this is a start over. Even though the blog had been around for years - it's a do over. I do feel a bit bummed about all the stuff lost :(

Anyway, the page is active again on facebook:

And I'm trying to get active again in Twitter: (wow this is an old account lol)

Also, after almost 100,000 emails (I'm down to 20,300 left) my email is active again - I can be reached at

I'll be working on an instagram that combines a bit of everything - so be watching for that.